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Surveymoons Sends Online Paid Surveys to Its Members.Our job is to find people to answer questions from home regarding well-known international brands

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Get your friends along to become your co-panelists at Surveymoons and Earn upto 70$/week or Kshs.7000/week. We value group oriented opinions and we appreciate your input.

How Much You Earn

Although we may not make you extremely rich,We always Guarantee a minimum of 8 surveys/weeks each earning you 5$ or Kshs.500/survey.

Full Time Research Job Opportunities

If you wish to Do Online Surveys as a full time job you May Upgrade your account at a time of your choice and Earn more from our surveys.

About Surveymoons Our Projects

Surveymoons is an international market research company with consumer to Business(C2B) panels across Asia and Africa. There is no one who can better advise companies on products except the daily users of the products. International businesses venturing into Asian and African countries can learn about the prevailing market conditions and potential of their services or products from locals like you and me. The Surveymoons Panels have thousands of panelists in Asia and Africa, men and women of all the ages, all over the continent.As a member of the Surveymoons Panel, you regularly receive invitation to take part in surveys. You can answer the surveys when and where it suits you, on your mobile, at home, work or on-the-go.

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Annual Premium Subscription & Pricing

Premium Subscriptions are meant for Members who wish to Do Market research as A full time job and most Companies prefer sending their surveys to Vetted and profiled members hence we charge a small annual administration fee for this. Premium Members get more surveys as their interests are well profiled and easy to target based on Demographics.

$38 / year
  • Surveys per week: 2
  • Min Earnings/Survey: 5$
  • Earnings With 5 refferals: 20$/week
  • Earnings with 10 refferals: 30$/week
  • Earnings With 20 refferals: 50$/week
  • Earnings With 50 refferals: 110$/week
  • Payments After Every 4 surveys
  • Get Paid Every Monday
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$76 / year
  • Surveys per week: 4
  • Min Earnings/Survey: 5$
  • Earnings With 5 refferals: 30$/week
  • Earnings with 10 refferals: 40$/week
  • Earnings With 20 refferals: 60$/week
  • Earnings With 50 refferals: 120$/week
  • Payments After Every 4 surveys
  • Above is if your refferal is a starter level
  • Get Paid Every Monday
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$152 / year
  • Surveys per week: 8
  • Min Earnings/Survey: 5$
  • Earnings With 5 refferals: 50$/week
  • Earnings with 10 refferals: 60$/week
  • Earnings With 20 refferals: 80$/week
  • Earnings With 50 refferals: 140$/week
  • Payments After Every 4 surveys
  • Above is if your refferal is a starter level
  • Get Paid Every Monday
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